Healthy Red, White and Blueberry Popsicles

We love summer, especially for the popsicles. There's nothing quite like eating a cold popsicle when it's hot outside. My kids love to make kool-aid popsicles or use any kind of juice that we might have. Don't get me wrong, those popsicles are delicious but they also have lots of sugar in them too.

 I decided to try to make a healthier version of popsicle that we could all enjoy. These yummy cold treats are great because they are made with real fruit, yogurt and are sweetened with honey instead of sugar, so you can feel good about having one. Most importantly, the kids give them 2 thumbs up!!

Red, White and Blueberry Popsicles
makes six 4 oz. popsicles
1 3/4 cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries, stems removed
1 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup (or more) honey

Rinse the blueberries and strawberries, then thoroughly puree each fruit separately. Stir 2 tablespoons of honey into the blueberries and 1 tablespoon into the strawberries. Spoon 1 cup yogurt into a bowl and add 1 tablespoon honey.

To make popsicles, spoon blueberry mixture into the bottom of your molds. Then add a layer of yogurt. Add a layer of strawberries. Freeze for several hours or overnight.

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  1. These look so good and healthy!

  2. Those look yummy. Also wanted to let you know you're a featured blogger on Weekend Blog Walk! :)

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  3. Hi I like the lollypops and will probably give it a try since my kids have been asking me for frozen lollies every day. It looks healthy and refreshing.
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  4. Those look awesome. I'm looking for some new recipes to keep my kids busy this summer. Consider yourself "pinned"!

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  6. Oh yummy! What a healthy and delicious way to cool off. I think I'll try these with my kiddies. Now following from the Weekend Blog walk.

  7. Delectable! I am going to try these very soon..... I am your newest follower from the Weekend Blog Walk!

  8. Wow, these looks sooo good. My kids will love them!
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  11. These look delicious and I love that they are healthy!

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  12. YUMMY, AND I love THAT THEY ARE HEALTHY TOO. Shared these on my COM FB page. winks, jen

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    These look yummy, all I need now is for the British weather to stay warm and sunny for a few days so I can make them!

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  15. YUM! I can't wait to try this recipe. My kids go through so many frozen treats in the summer. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday :)


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