Felt Alphabet Book

This fall after adjusting to having a new little one in the house and not teaching preschool this year and the rest of the kids in school all day, I was discovering that I had a little extra time on my hands. I decided it was a great time to do some crafty things that I've always wanted to attempt. In searching the internet, I discovered that there are some pretty crafty people out there and came across a site where she made felt name books for her two boys and thought the books were so cute. She is one talented lady too. You can see her books and get the patterns she made here. I decided to make an entire alphabet book for my little one using the same technique. 

I started this project back in November and finally finished it tonight! I'm so excited for my little guy to enjoy this, when he's a bit older of course. Here are a few of the pages:


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  1. Love, Love, Love! You are extremely talented and this project has inspired me to make one for my son too. Where did you get all of your felt for this project? It looks like a ton of work, but it'll be an awesome keepsake. I'd love to see more of your pages :)

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun to make! I just got the felt from Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin.

    2. Hey, your book is amazing - I am trying to look at the templates where you got yours from however I cannot subscribe? Can you help me. My email is la_joy_14@hotmail.com

  2. This book is absolutely precious! I also love your book of colors. I really hope that I can make mine as cute as yours! You are very talented and I enjoy viewing your blog:-)

  3. I'm having a lot of trouble with getting the wonder under to work. When I try to iron the felt pieces to the background felt, only part of it stay together. I've tried with and without the damp cloth... help!

  4. Have you ever created one of these books for anyone else? I have been looking all over to find something as wonderful as yours to purchase. I am a Teacher of the Deaf/Special Education Teacher and would love to have this tactile stimulation available for my students. Please just let me know!


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