Spring Burlap Banner

For the first time in a while the sun has been shining and it's gotten me super excited for Spring and to get the kids back outside playing! 

I don't normally put out decorations for every holiday or season but I'm so happy about the sun being out that I thought it would be fun to make a banner to let Spring know that it can come and stay!

Thanks to the Silhouette, it made this project a breeze. After cutting the burlap into the shape I wanted, I chose various fabrics and ironed Heat N Bond to the back of the fabric. I used the Silhouette to cut out the letters and bunnies then ironed them to the burlap. To hang the banner, I hot glued a pom pom ribbon to the burlap then added a couple white pom poms to the bunnies for their tails.

Here's hoping Spring will come soon!



  1. Looks so pretty! I've used those same bunnies for some projects too. :)


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