Easy Magnet Board

It's interesting how you can have something for years and not see it's potential. I've had a piece of sheet metal just sitting downstairs in a box that already had the corners rounded and the grommets added. My daughter wanted a magnet board for her room so that piece of sheet metal now has a purpose.


Supplies needed:
sheet metal-get at most home improvement stores
hot glue gun and glue sticks
fabric-we just used a fat quarter
ribbon of choice
craft rocks
round magnets

Iron the fabric to get all the creases out and lay the piece of sheet metal in the center of your fabric. 

Using a hot glue gun begin folding the sides of the fabric down and glue them in place. Make sure to pull the fabric tight as you go. Another thing you might do to make it easier for the fabric to stay in place would be to use a little adhesive spray on the front of the sheet metal then lay it down on your fabric.

 Next we added some ribbon. Using the tips of the scissors, make a hole in the fabric where the hole in the grommets are and thread your ribbon in and tie off however you like.

We made magnets out of these cute little craft rocks just by hot gluing some small round magnets to the back. We also glued magnets to the backs of some flowers.

Super easy and CUTE!



  1. I love these bright, fun colors! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  2. How thick does the sheet metal have to be please?!

    1. It's not very thick. You can find it at most home improvement stores. Most stores will also cut it to the size you want.


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