Heat n Bond Saves the Day

My son came home from Scouts the other night and begins to tell me that he didn't like the flag they were going to use for camp this summer and that he was going to make a better one. He asked if he could use some fabric and away he went.

A little later he came and shared his idea for his flag and all he needed from me was to sew everything for him once he cut the objects out. Now, normally I would be more than happy to do this for him but he wanted it done quickly and I'm planning a big family get together for this Saturday and getting us all packed for a trip that we leave for on Sunday. To me, sewing was not an option. 

Then the little light bulb went on in my head and I thought of the next best thing to sewing the flag. Heat n Bond Ultrahold is a lifesaver! Thank you to the inventors of this great product for saving this mom some quality time! 

Here's the finished flag. Not bad for an 11 year old huh? I did end up sewing the ribbons on to tie it to the pole but that was the least I could do after taking the easy route out of not sewing it.


  1. It turned out really well! I love that Heat and Bond stuff!

  2. Yay for Heat n Bond! Love that stuff and wow, what an awesome flag! He did a great job!

  3. How adorable! What a cute little project. New follower! Excited to check out the rest of ur site :) have a good weekend!


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