Texture Book

I've been busy making some fun little projects for my little guy. He's still too little to enjoy them but soon enough right?

This is my attempt to make this darling texture book that Vanessa over at Lella Boutique created. You can find her tutorial and patterns here. If you have a moment, go check out her amazing projects, she is a very talented seamstress! 

For the lettering, normally I would have used my cricut to cut the letters out of the fabric but I think my blade needs replacing so I went the long route and used the cricut to cut the letters out on cardstock then traced them onto the fabric adhered to Heat'N'Bond iron-adhesive and then cut them out. 

If you follow her great tutorials you can't go wrong. She also recommends washing the texture book to fray the clipped edges, I haven't done this yet but will because it makes it even cuter! It's also the perfect size to fit in the diaper bag!


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